The Farm

Nicola and Alessandra Guerrini bought the farm, consisting of some farm buildings and about 34 hectares of agricultural land of various types, in the year 2005 with the project not only to make their home (along with three children, Gioele Gioia and Mattia, grandmother Luciana and great grandmother Vinicia) but to achieve in that special place of the culture and history of Siena a farm family hospitality.

The farm, which despite its proximity to the junction and the city of Siena, is characterized by the quiet location almost out of time, is at the heart of an area of ​​restocking of game where hunting is prohibited. So it is not uncommon to have a glimpse through the windows of the house of hares,pheasants,deer, porcupines,turtles or to meet along the dirt road access to the property other wildlife that live here undisturbed.

The area is also marked as "Parco Termale dell' Acqua Borra, because only a few hundred meters from the farm there is a small hot spring called "Acqua Borra", with curative properties.

The farmhouse has been renovated with care and passion by the owners and today, while deliberately keeping intact the original structure of the building it is fully restored and equipped with completely new and advanced plants, with only a wood heater (boiler inverse flame emission 0) in winter, and solar panels for hot water in summer.

The fields too, are planned to improve agriculture and in 2011, to increase ownership and enhance existing biodiversity, additional 10 hectares of land have been purchased, including forests, olive groves, arable land and mediterranean bushes.

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